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Pelvic Floor ...

The Pelvic Floor (PF) is a body part that most people don't pay much attention to until it causes them issues. But ignore them at your peril because the PF is a very important group of muscles.

Your PF does the very important job of keeping your pelvic organs safely tucked up inside of your pelvis. It also helps you to manage any potential leakage of escaping gases, liquids and solids. Many women have weak PF muscles BUT sometimes they can be over tight and painful and for these women relaxing them is the first step before strengthening them.

The good news is that you can do a lot to keep your PF floor in good shape.

Exercising the PF is important for women as they age. But it's not like going to the gym .. pumping iron and flexing biceps. When you work these muscles you are not going to see some lovely tone developing after all of your hard work. You might notice improved sensation in the bedroom though!

Pelvic Floor ... use it or lose it.

If you suffer from PF dysfunction there are some great Women's Health Physio's who can help there are also exercise specialists who are PF aware.

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