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Let's rewind ....

It is a sad truth that for some women, at some point during their fertility journey they will have suffered loss and grief. I have heard some truly heart breaking accounts and It is a wonder to me that any of these women continue to move forward after some of the distressing experiences that they go through. That 'Instinctive Drive' to have a baby is so strong that they carry on .... carrying their grief and loss with them.

There is a technique which can help to heal some of those stories .... The technique is called the Rewind and it has been around for many years ....

I first learned the Rewind or fast phobia cure through my training in *NLP and then through my training with the Human Givens Institute. I have used it with good results. The process doesn't take long, the trauma or event can remain with the client as the therapist doesn't need to know details ... The result is that the memory is still there BUT the technique helps to 'unhook the emotion' so that the client no longer reacts to the memory as before.

It can be truly amazing at the difference this technique can make in peoples lives.

The Rewind has also helped women with needle phobias before having IVF treatment.

If you would like to know more please get in touch

*NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

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