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Fertility Massage

Much more than just a Massage

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Fertility Massage 

Fertility Massage is focused on the abdominal/lower abdominal area/ hips and sacral area. The massage is a fusion of techniques:  Acupressure, Tui-na, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Fascial Release and more.  

Oils & Waxes

I use  'Women's Blend by Songbird' or Unscented Wax as a massage medium but I am also qualified to mix and use Essential Oil blends. 


60 minute massage = £60.00

60 minute massage + Hypnosis Recording = £75.00

3x 60 Minute Massage + Hypnotherapy Recording + Castor Oil Pack = £ 195.00


Castor Oil Pack £10

Essential Oil Blend £10

What to expect 

Initial consultation

We will fill in an Initial consultation form together before the massage. 

This takes about 15 minutes. 

The massage starts with massage on your back and sacral/gluteal area so that you have time to relax into the massage and get used to my touch. Next you turn over so that we start to massage the abdomen - from the pubic bone to the ribcage.  

When to have a massage....

The massage will differ throughout your cycle.

The massage during Pre-ovulation and ovulation will differ to a massage if you are menstruating.  

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