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Scar Tissue Massage

Scars from abdominal surgery or procedures such as keyhole surgery on the abdomen can leave you feeling as though your skin is bunched up and your body doesn't move so well. 

Massage can help to soften the area and soften the appearance of scarring and leave the skin feeling more movable. Some people report better sensitivity in the area, improved digestion and an improved ability to engage core muscles following scar tissue massage.  

In some cases it can be difficult to touch a scar especially if the scar is attached to trauma It is important therefore to work at a pace which suits you so that together we can gradually desensitise the scar enabling the scar to be touched. This can also have the effect of releasing troubling emotions associated with the scar. 

 This is individual to each person and depends on the scar. You may or may not have these feelings.

Scar Tissue Massage Package

3 x 60 Minute Massage = £240.00

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Large Abdominal Scars 

Hysterectomy, C-section or abdominal surgery.


key Hole Surgery



Internal Adhesions 

Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Previous Surgery

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